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Trees with autumn colour.

If you want to paint a picture with landscape plants then the ‘big brush’ on the palette has to be ornamental trees with autumn colour. If you are not sure how big a brush this is then imagine a good sized golden ash and you will be looking at a plant with between 150,000 and […]

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How to prune trees.

The right type of simple pruning might save you a lot of heartache and thousands of dollars in years to come. Formative pruning is a term used for training a plant to become the shape or style or way you want while it is still young and growing. Formative pruning requires you to know how […]

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How to work with shadows

What a great thing to be asked this week to recommend trees for a project. It might be too early but I’m going to say ‘Trees are back!’ The simplicity of ‘treescapes’ has appeal to owners of gardens who require a low maintenance landscape but what appeals to me is that a simple tree in […]

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