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Making a dry tolerant garden

I reckon it is time to throw away the rule book and take a fresh look at dry tolerant landscapes. Opposites like ‘sweet and sour’ might work well together but can’t be both at once.  When it comes to gardens that are lush and dry perhaps what seems like a contradiction doesn’t have to be […]

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Miniature Gardens

Welcome to a new world! Every big garden should be made of little landscapes. Get past the obvious and it is the small details that reveal the world as a beautiful and amazing place. In a world where whatever shouts loudest gets heard it is a pleasure to look past the obvious into the world […]

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Garden Design Ideas

This day and age there is a real need to get good value out of all the hard, and not so hard, work in a garden! Time is precious and the issue of maintenance is usually fairly high up on the agenda.  I am a realist and whether you employ gardening staff or do it […]

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