Surfing the wave of spring flowering bulbs.

It is autumn but not just because it is April but because the plants are telling us. Deciduous trees are showing hints of colour in the leaves and warm seasons grasses like Kikuyu and Buffalo are only growing spasmodically now that the days are running out of heat and light. Soon we will have more time for other gardening besides mowing.

Successful gardening has a lot to do with timing but with plants the clock is different. Plants don’t run on Greenwich Mean Time or Australian EST but on ‘plant time’.


Plant time is based on the weather, soil temperature, daylight hours and the plants natural response to when it likes to grow, flower or rest.

Planting spring bulbs while the soil is still warm and the weather cooling down and they will race away. Now is the time.


A Thousand Sleeping Bluebells

Whether it is planting spring bulbs in autumn, planting Buffalo lawn in early summer or pruning shrubs after flowering getting the timing right means the chance of success is much higher, the speed of growth, flowering and establishment are all more successful.

Surf the growth wave and it is amazing how much better our gardens can be. You don’t need a green thumb you just need to see a wave in the distance, get paddling and jump on board.


The bulbs have now multiplied tenfold


Spring under the Gleditsias