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Gardens for children.

Cones versus kernels. I recently cut a simple noughts and crosses board into one of the landscape rocks in an area for younger children. Marked out with a square and cut with a diamond blade on an angle grinder it is simple and easy and will last forever. Picking up and using natural objects from […]

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Miniature Gardens

Welcome to a new world! Every big garden should be made of little landscapes. Get past the obvious and it is the small details that reveal the world as a beautiful and amazing place. In a world where whatever shouts loudest gets heard it is a pleasure to look past the obvious into the world […]

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The Yawning Tree – A child’s eye view of the living world.

The Yawning Tree. If you went down to the yawning tree and turned left you were there, at the beginning of the ‘woods’.  As children we had no other word for it, it didn’t need a word it just was. It was overgrown and ‘junglely’, a nature’s paradise. What was once a garden with planted […]

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