Monthly Archives: February 2014

Garden Design Ideas

This day and age there is a real need to get good value out of all the hard, and not so hard, work in a garden! Time is precious and the issue of maintenance is usually fairly high up on the agenda.  I am a realist and whether you employ gardening staff or do it […]

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Why is Roy a Garden Designer?

The answer to that question has many parts but is in no small way due to my childhood. I grew up on 250 acres of private gardens and parkland in the UK. My Father managed the historic gardens and glass houses on a country estate outside London that in total employed sixteen full time staff […]

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The Yawning Tree – A child’s eye view of the living world.

The Yawning Tree. If you went down to the yawning tree and turned left you were there, at the beginning of the ‘woods’.  As children we had no other word for it, it didn’t need a word it just was. It was overgrown and ‘junglely’, a nature’s paradise. What was once a garden with planted […]

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