Do garden spaces make us feel better?

After spending the last three hours researching the topic with an open mind I have found lots of articles, studies and reports that point to the fact that this is true.

There is a fundamental reassuring feeling about being connected to the real world that any amount of concrete, swimming pools and shining man-made things just can’t match.

Gardens can stimulate the mind but not ask too much of it; it doesn’t demand attention but it is there and if you want to join in you can. Nature wants you to lie on the grass under the trees; to smell the roses and to listen to the breeze. What is more it doesn’t open at 9am close at 5 and shuts the door at weekends, it is always there and you are always welcome to join in.

Gardens make us fitter, happier and more content. This isn’t just added value that can put up the value of your real estate but the type of value that helps takes the stress away from work and daily living and makes the world a better place to be.

There are so many good reasons why we should landscape with green rather than grey whether it is at home or part of our community spaces. Even just being able to look out the window at a garden space of plants, trees and greenery changes our mood.

If there is one phrase that sums up the value of landscape plants and garden spaces it is this.

Green is Gold