Garden maintenance made easy.

I just thought I’d share a couple of photographs.


If there is one phrase to remember it is this one – ‘Little and Often’.

As the photographs suggest it is much easier to weed when things are small.P1080994P1080992

Rick, by the way, is 6 foot tall!

The plants are both examples of Ligustrum lucidum the large leaved privet from China which also does very well here in Northern Victoria, Australia. It seeds heavily and combined with the fact that the seeds germinate readily make this glossy leaved woody plant a weedy problem in many gardens in this area.

Birds like the seeds so expect to find this weedy plant germinating under larger open shrubs and along fence lines.

Pull the seedlings out when they are no longer than your finger and you can then go and relax in the garden, sit under a tree or have friends around for lunch. Leave them until later and you will have to dig them out and hire a trailer to carry them off!


Happy gardening.